Our Graduate School

...aims to contribute to the historisation of the GDR by understanding it as a European dictatorship and analysing it comparatively. This allows us to adapt questions and interpretations of other European dictatorship comparisons to the history of the GDR. We focus on the mechanics of dictatorships, their stability and demise, social support, factors of integration and disintegration as well as forms of political power connected to the experiences of Stalinism and the Second World War. Social integration and political repression should no longer be understood as different experiences of dictatorships, but as related  characteristics.

The Graduate School was formed in March 2017 as part of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. It is comprised of six supervisors, 13 doctoral students and postdoctoral researcher Dr Katharina Lenski.

Ettersberg Foundation Weimar

...is in close cooperation with the Research Training Group "The GDR and the European Dictatorships". Prof. Dr. Jörg Ganzenmüller is head of the Ettersberg Foundation and spokesman of the Research Training Group.

The Ettersberg Foundation is dedicated to comparative research into European dictatorships and the reappraisal of the SED dictatorship. Within this framework, the Foundation finances two doctoral scholarships. The scholarship holders are associated members of the Research Training Group and conduct research here together with the other doctoral students.

At a glance

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    20. November, 11 Uhr - Im Rahmen des Forschungsforums der Doktoranden des Historischen Seminars der Universität Leipzig wird Christina Heiduck...

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